Saturday, July 18, 2009


I'm amazed at the ingenuity of God's creatures! This red-bellied woodpecker had just picked up a sunflower seed from the "birds' table" (a large piece of cement buried in the yard where I put out bird feed) and needed to crack it open. He carried it to a nearby utility pole, found a crack, and put the seed tightly in it! Then he was able to open the seed and eat the tasty center. If only I used my head as quickly and efficiently as the woodpecker! My life would be much simpler!

God has "wired" birds with the instinct to seek food and water for themselves, He sees that they are fed (and I love helping Him), and He knows when the least of them falls. I think He takes great delight in every one of them. How much more does He care for you and me!

"His eye is on the sparrow (and the woodpecker), and I know He watches me."

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