Saturday, August 15, 2009

That's a Mouthful!

Does this pic remind you of any old adages from the past? How about: He's bitten off more than he can chew! Or this one: Her eyes were bigger than her stomach! Maybe you've never heard either of these wise sayings, but you probably can come up with your own clever caption for the picture - one that made me smile as I snapped away!

How many times have I found myself in the same predicament? No . . . not with a dragonfly in my mouth . . . but in a predicament, brought on by my own choices, that was just too big for me to handle. Why? Maybe because I was trying to please people . . . or maybe my motives were all wrong . . . or maybe feeling over-confident, I hastily jumped into the situation. Sometimes I forgot to keep my life in balance because I tried to do so much that I failed to remember to be still and listen for His directions. Sometimes I just reacted out of plain stupidity! Ouch!! Whatever the reason, I found myself frustrated, panicky, and feeling as if I was choking on my choices!

Did you notice how many I's, me's, and my's appear in the previous paragraph? Does that speak to you? The simple truth is that when I try to accomplish something in my own strength alone, I get myself in trouble. You'd think I'd have learned by now! But God is patient with me, even though he must shake his head as He watches me try to swallow more than I can chew - again! I'm so thankful, though, that He never asks me to do anything that He doesn't equip me to do. Oh, the task may be much bigger than my feeble abilities; but if He orchestrates it, He'll provide everything I need! And He'll get the glory!

I wish I could tell you the rest of the lizard story, but I can't. He scampered away. . . with his mouth still full . . . and his eyes bulging. Maybe he's a faster learner than I am and won't make the same mistake twice . . . if he survived!

(I usually put a line of a song here, but for some reason the words of a hymn just don't seem to fit this post!!)

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Nancy said...

So funny!!! :-D I can't think of a hymn either, but how about the little children's song, "Running Over"? :) I love the way you mix spiritual truth with good old humor! Thanks!!