Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Puzzzle Pieces and Life

Putting the last piece of a challenging puzzle together is a small but rewarding triumph! During the Thanksgiving holidays, the family completed this colorful country jigsaw whose pieces were scattered over the dining room table. We knew we had to get it together before our Thanksgiving meal, and that happened just in time.

At some point, someone discovered that a piece was missing, and it was nowhere to be found. After much searching, Em found it under the table, completely out of view. After fitting that piece in its place, the completion of the puzzle seemed easier. With every piece put where its creator intended it to be, we admired the "big picture" that had emerged. And it looked exactly like the picture on the top of the puzzle box! Imagine that!

Life gets like that sometimes . . . complicated . . . puzzling . . . pieces missing . . . and it's so easy to forget that Someone does see the big picture. He knows about every piece of our lives, and none of our struggles, fears, or hopes are "lost" to Him. If we just persevere and trust His good plans for us, one day all the pieces will fit . . . just in time to sit down at the table He's prepared for all His children. And that big picture will look just like the one He's told us about in His Word!

Imagine that!

"Many things about tomorrow I don't seem to understand.
But I know Who holds tomorrow, and I know Who holds my hand."

-Ira Stanphill-


Nancy said...

I saw your status on facebook and thought, "That sounds like a good topic for her blog!!" And I rushed right over to check to see if you had posted something new. :) I love that song...just listened to Alison Krauss sing it on my ipod while I was walking at the track the other day. And, as always, I loved your beautiful thoughts...Thanks!!!

ididam said...

thank you soo much. you gave me something to think and pray about. i would have never thought of that. i just started to read your blog and it just touched me.