Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Inside Job

I thought it was dead.  
Completely destroyed by the record-breaking heat and drought.
That's what I thought.
That's the way it looked.

But who am I to judge any of God's creations -
   a bush . . . circumstances . . . a person?

He is the master of "inside jobs" -
creating hope and newness,
giving life,
even when we can't see it.
Even when we've given up.

He is not willing that any perish.
That's what I think.
That's what I know.

In His time, in His time;
He makes all things beautiful 
In His time.
~Lyrics by Diane Ball~


Anonymous said...


Ginny said...

Wonderful! Even though we give the appearance of death and know we are dying, we are waiting an even better life, a rebirth!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Mom! I need to keep these thoughts on loop in my mind constantly! I find myself getting Pharasaical letting my mind judge instead of Jesus lead. Who knows how God may be pulling someone to Himself. All they may need is a "Jesus loves you man" or "Here, can I help you with that" or "I appreciate what you do." Instead, I subconsciously disqualify them from God's love based on appearance or attitude or lifestyle or words. He's faithful to convict me though and I am SO THANKFUL Jesus didn't write me off based on me!!!!!!!


Southern Lady said...

Hey, Glenda! I've been MIA lately, but I am back! I've missed your blog. I just spent some time catching up. Your photos have been exceptional. Hope you are doing well. :D Carla

S. Etole said...

He is faithful to perform His word.

Jewel said...

This had to be inspired by God. It speaks exactly what I need to hear for today.
Thanks again for sharing your talents with all of us!

JudyBug said...

Thought provoking words as always Glenda. I so enjoy your writings and your photos. Truly inspired.

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I have had this thought before with my flowers too...He knows though

Sarah (Nikki) said...

Wow Glenda...the way you wrote this really got into my head...and into my soul....

Connie said...

I agree with the others - deep thoughts to ponder.......

Sarah said...

Thanks for splashing with me and sharing your talents for His glory.

Be blessed bunches,

Anneliese said...

I love that! He is the Master of inside jobs! I want to take that with me.

Beth said...

This is one statement I will remember: "He is the master of inside jobs." What a great way of summing up what God does and an apt reminder to us esp. where others are concerned.
And I've learned to not be hasty about flowers and am working diligently on that with people!

Dawn said...

What can I say - you hit the nail on the head once again!

Sharon Lynne said...

So true.

It reminds me of a verse I read this morning. "He who began a good work in me shall complete it..."

It encouraged me knowing that God will continue to work to bring to completion--my children.


thefisherlady said...

I love your faith... I could walk with you happily!