Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happiness is looking in the mirror and liking what you see.

So I'll cherish the old rugged Cross,
Till my trophies at last I lay down.
I will cling to the old rugged Cross
and exchange it someday for a crown. 

Edit:  I am not referring to seeing myself but the Cross in this mirror :)


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Loving ourselves is never easy.. We know ourself so well and expect so much of ourself... We just need to live each day pleasing God... AND --with God in the center of our lives, how could we not love ourselves????

Have a blessed Sunday.

Ginny said...

What a gorgeous, sharp header!!!! We never give ourselves the same kind of break that we give our friends, we are the hardest on ourselves.

Glenda said...

True, Betsy and Ginny! On the day I took this pic, I loved seeing the Cross in the mirror as I walked past it.

Karen said...

Beautiful imagery!!

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I like your header too...Funny that you are not talking about seeing yourself in the mirror:)
I know it is the Cross

Karin said...

Loved what you saw in the mirror! I would love to find those kinds of wrought iron crosses around here some where. Have a perfect spot for it in my living room. Have to keep looking!