Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Country Roads

We love to ride country roads. Our destination is not really important; it's the scenery along the way that makes the trip enjoyable and worthwhile. In fact, we don't always know where our ride will take us. (Sometimes that's intentional; sometimes we're just plain lost . . . well, not according to JD, but that's another story!) Now and then we'll round a bend in a narrow country road and see a spot like this one . . . a place that makes you want to stop - and at least try to capture the peace and beauty through a camera lens. The Psalmist talks about The Shepherd leading us to green pastures and still waters. I think maybe He can restore us down quiet country roads, too.


Dorothy said...

Oh, I think so, too! We love drives in the country and exploring, too. It's amazing the beauty you can find!

Karen said...

Wonderful to have those moments! Daddy used to take our family for rides out in the country on Sunday afternoons. I can even remember fording a small creek WAY out in the country!