Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Simple Country Pleasures

I cherish the memories of long ago Sunday afternoons in spring when Mama and Daddy would take us children for a drive along the familiar country roads near our home.
Since there was no extra money to spend on entertaining ourselves, we loved "riding around," as we called it, and enjoyed many simple country pleasures.

One of those was looking for "piney woods" violets along the winding dirt roads. It was such fun to spot the brilliant purple clumps before we got to them. We'd all get out of the car and pick huge bouquets to take home. Nothing was prettier that a violet bouquet nestled in some simple container and set on the dining table.

Today, as my husband and I drove through the woods after delivering a load of firewood to my father-in-law, we spotted the familiar purple color along the road. I think my heart began to beat just a little bit faster at the sight of them in all their glory! Of course, I had my camera handy, and loved capturing their beauty. But even better was picking a handful of the miniature beauties.

Back at home, I found an old blue medicine bottle that we discovered in the woods behind our house and placed my prized bouquet in it. Simple - yes, but it couldn't be prettier! Expensive - no! Didn't cost a thing! Just one of the countless simple pleasures that makes life a little more pleasant and lot more beautiful!

I think our Heavenly Father must enjoy watching us discover and take pleasure in the awesome beauty and serenity He has placed all around us. I really believe He wants us to enjoy the journey! And who knows - when I get "home," He just might have bouquets of "piney woods" violets decorating my mansion!

Until then, I plan to enjoy as many simple country pleasures as I can!

"Thank you, Lord, for your blessings on me . . . "


Nancy said...

I love this! My mama always called these "Sweet Williams." :) When Philip & I were dating, he used to bring me bouquets of them in the springtime. I actually have a bouquet on my kitchen table right now that he brought in the other day. Sweet man...he knows what sweet thoughts and memories these flowers and their scent bring to my mind. Thanks for sharing!

andrea said...

how lovely! You made me think back in my own life! I grew up on a small farm, no extra money but 'going for a ride' was our special family time. Dad would check the fields, comeback to the field carrying lilies and beautiful wild flowers. great post, you made me smile!

Anonymous said...

How uplifting...thanks for the beautiful memories.