Sunday, April 26, 2009

"So Freely Flowing"

One of my favorite places is the Smoky Mountains. For the past week, we enjoyed the beauty of the mountains, untouched woods, preserved farm sites, the wildlife, and the streams and rivers. Tucked far away from the noise of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, the ever-flowing, crystal-clear streams calmed the spirit and reminded me of God's majesty. Even in downtown Gatlinburg where our hotel was located, a stream flowed back of our room. Its soothing sounds never stopped nor did its flow. . . over and around the rocks. . . always moving.

As we drove along one of the winding mountain roads one day, husband and I talked about the dependable, predictable, always-flowing waters . . . so much like God's love and grace for us. Never ending . . . always moving . . . pure and clean . . . starting at Calvary . . . flowing through all the ages . . . and will never run dry!!

Lord, I pray with the songwriter: Let Your love flow through me. . . Keep me pure; keep me clean so that Your love may be seen. Let your love, let your love flow through me.

"So freely flowing from Calv'ry's mountain . . . and now my soul is fully satisfied."

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Nancy said...

It's SO good to have you back home...and back on your blog!!! I've missed you!!! Love this post, as usual! :)