Monday, May 11, 2009

COME and Dine!!

"God provides every bird its food but doesn't throw it in the nest." (copied)
We watched as the male bluebird flew to the spot where my husband had just put out meal worms and had whistled for the birds, signalling that supper was ready. Perched high above on a wire, the female patiently sat.

Husband said, "Watch him take her a worm to eat."

That's exactly what happened! I positioned myself to get a good shot of the pair and snapped my camera just in time!

The bluebirds could have stayed high in the trees and missed an opportunity for an easy meal. Hunger, instinct, and the whistle that they had grown accustomed to prompted them to respond, move out of their sheltered spot and fly to the food.

How many times do I fail to be nourished because I don't respond to the overflowing table that my Heavenly Father prepares for me? He invites me to "come and dine" on a daily basis. His Word is always available to me . . . words that can fill any hunger in my soul. But I must open the Bible . . . and my eyes . . . and ears . . . and mind . . . and heart . . . and prayerfully digest The Bread of Life. Jesus is a Gentle Shepherd and never forces Himself or His Word into my life or yours. I must recognize my hunger and respond. I must do my part . . . and He'll certainly do His! I can always leave His table satisfied!

And when I've been nourished, I think He smiles when I share the Bread of Life with others!
"Jesus has a table spread, where the saints of God are fed . . . "

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Beth said...

That is so true. I've been emailing your blogs to Mom. She enjoys them but is scared of the computer for some reason! (grin)

She and Dad will fly into Birmingham tomorrow afternoon and I can't wait!!!

Keep writing. I've been so busy lately that I've not had time but plan to get back to it this summer!