Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lilies Aren't Forever

My Easter lilies, which bloom late here, are beginning to fade and die. I wish that were not so. I'd like for them to bloom much longer. More than ever, I've enjoyed their beauty and fragrance this year. Maybe it's because I had more of them - about 40 blooms at one time - in two different beds. Their pure, snow-white appearance and their sweet fragrance are heavenly. Very fitting characteristics for a flower associated with Easter!

But today I noticed several that had turned brown and were hanging limply from the stem. A few blooms had already fallen to the ground. As I broke off the limp lilies and picked up the dead ones, I thought of the fact that today is Ascension Day, the day The Church celebrates Christ's return to His heavenly home. The Lily of the Valley, pure and sinless, died on Calvary. His limp body was placed in a borrowed tomb. But . . . But . . .He didn't stay there! He arose!! He ascended back to His Father . . . and He's alive forevermore!!!

My Easter lilies may not live and bloom forever, but He who conquered death once and for all does!! And one day - a day of His choosing - I plan to join Him in that place where flowers never fade nor die!


Nancy said...

I love this! Hopefully, I will remember it whenever I deadhead my flowers this summer. I love it when things in nature jog our memories of how great our God is.
Thanks for sharing!!

Sarah L. said...

A beautiful lesson of the lilies! Well done...thank you for sharing your thoughts.