Saturday, January 16, 2010

Food for Thought - Part II

In my last post I told you how much I enjoy feeding the birds - especially in the frigid weather we've had . . . and that likewise, I think our Heavenly Father delights in "feeding" His children. The Bible speaks of God's care for the birds. One way He provides for them, I believe, is by putting a love for His little creatures into the hearts of some of us . . . who, like myself, enjoy putting out feed and water for them - even on the coldest and rainiest of days. He uses us to take care of his creations.

Today I've noticed a variety of "takers": cardinals, sparrows, juncos, warblers, titmice, nuthatches, chickadees, blue jays, and even one red-bellied woodpecker. It seemed that the harder it rained the more that came! And, the location of their "table" doesn't seem to matter, I've found.

A wet picnic table works just fine!

My kitchen window ledge is the perfect place! Perfect for a close-up like this one, too!

Hanging feeders seem to be very popular - and often crowded - places to dine!

Even an upside-down bucket makes a nice table for two!

Do you see another truth? You got it, I'm sure! We can "dine" with Jesus anywhere . . . under any circumstances . . . as long as we invite Him!

So . . . on this soggiest, dreariest of January days, I've enjoyed birdwatching from my warm kitchen . . . while a cozy fire burned in the living room fireplace.

Meanwhile . . .

Meanwhile in Haiti . . .

Meanwhile in Haiti . . . precious people are hungry . . . and thirsty . . . and homeless . . . and suffering . . . and hopeless . . . and dying.

And I know in my heart that God wants to use me and you to feed them . . . and clothe them . . . and bring healing and hope. He wants us to be His hands, His feet, His eyes and ears, His voice. He wants to use us to take care of them!

I pray that He will give us a love for the Haitian people - and a desire to be Christ to them - that will result in an overwhelming outpouring of giving . . . and most of all, of prayer.

"Somebody's running out of time
Not too far from here.
Somebody's got nowhere else to go;
Somebody needs a little hope
Not too far from here.
And I may not know their name,
But I'm praying just the same
That You'll use me, Lord,
To wipe away the tears.
'Cause somebody's crying
Not too far from here."
-Michael Crawford-

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Nancy said...

Such good thoughts, Glenda! It's tempting to just turn off the tv and try not to think about all the misery going on down on Haiti, but you're right. I don't think that's God's plan for us. I'm listening to see how He wants Philip and me to help His people. Thanks for the reminder!