Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Food for Thought

(Photo taken through my kitchen window)

Isn't this little creature the cutest thing? I'm always excited when these colorful warblers come back to my feeders. I love feeding them and watching them flit about from feeder to feeder in the cold weather we've been having. I pull the blind up in my kitchen window so that I can better see . . . and photograph them. Even on the bleakest of winter days, their cheerful appearance and antics brighten my days. Washing dishes even becomes somewhat enjoyable when I can see a flock of birds outside my window!

I'll even venture out in temps in the teens (and still in my bathrobe) to put out feed early on a frosty morning! I'm not a morning person, so normally it takes me quite a while and a leisurely-sipped cup of coffee to get awake in the mornings . . . one of the perks of being retired that I really enjoy! So, when I open the back door and am blasted by the unusually cold air, I'm fully awake! And I've discovered that experiencing the brisk morning air makes my cup of coffee taste even better! Might be because I'm awake while I sip!!

How much more must our Heavenly Father enjoy "feeding" us . . . on sunny days . . . but especially during the cold, dreary days that are a part of all of our lives. I like to think that He delights in watching us fill our hearts and minds with the good things that He places in front of us . . . His Word . . . His listening ear . . . His gentle whispers of peace and hope . . . His creation . . . His Church . . . good literature . . . uplifting music . . . encouragement from fellow Christians . . . and most of all, His Holy Spirit.

Thank you, Father . . . The Bread of Life!

"Bread of Heaven, feed me till I want no more . . . "

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Bev said...

Even in our temporary teensy little apartment, I treated myself to a bird feeder stuck to the window and have enjoyed watching visitors come and go; when it's really, really cold I dig around the fridge for bits of cheese or cold pasta, something of more substance to help keep them warm. Great analogy in this post.