Friday, May 7, 2010


There's just something about a country bridge!

I mean a far-back-in-the-woods, no-concrete-in-sight bridge . . . like the one pictured above.

This particular bridge is very special to me because the Kisatchie creek running under it was the site of many happy times for my daddy's entire family - and he had a huge extended family at that time! Every Fourth of July the family gathered on the creek bank for two days of fun, food, swimming, food, reminiscing, food, fireworks, and more food! It was the best of times for all of us!

Recently, John David and I visited that beautiful setting, and we walked across the old bridge.

No, that's not a troll underneath, but it was a little scary for me! I'd much rather had solid footing under my feet . . . something that I couldn't see through! What you see is a pile of limbs, trash, and other debris that has been washed under the bridge.

Even though the structure is not modern nor is it architecturally beautiful, it serves its purpose: to get travelers from one side of the creek to the other side. Like other bridges, it spans an otherwise impassable area.

Remember the song from a few years back that said: Love can build a bridge . . . ? How true that is! Love spans situations that are otherwise impassable . . . and covers lots of "debris" that can pile up in life's streams. Walking across a bridge built by love may sometimes be a little scary, especially when you can see the "trolls" -both real and imagined - underneath. But that's when we must fix our eyes on our goal instead of looking down at the circumstances . . . and keep walking.

And when we think that the cost is too great to build a bridge of love, we'll be encouraged when we remember the great price paid by the Great Bridge Builder - Love Himself. Think of the bridge He built for us . . . a safe passage from death to eternal life. It's the only way . . . but it's open to "whosoever"!

Another good thing: there are no cracks in the bridge Love built! It's solid; we can count on that! And we can count on Him to walk with us . . . gently leading us when we're afraid . . . and encouraging us to keep walking when Satan brings up all the "debris" that His sacrifice has covered.

What a bridge . . . what immeasurable love!

Think about His Love; think about His goodness.
Think about His grace that's brought us through . . .
Great is the measure of our Father's love.
~Walt Farrah~


Southern Lady said...

What a bridge indeed! I am thankful for God's love for us shown through his Son. Beautiful post! Have a wonderful weekend. Carla

Ginny said...

But of course! After walls, you must post on bridges. I would actually be too scared to walk on this bridge! If it is so old, how is it sure that the grating will hold? You are braver than me. But what wonderful memories it brings you! I love everything you've said in this wonderful devotional. You really have a way with words!! And yes, when we think it's too hard to build a bridge (usually because of pride) we need to think of the greatest bridge builder of all, and wht he paid to build us a bridge right to Heaven.

WhiteStone said...

Nicely written. Good analogy.

Kathy said...

What an idyllic scene!

Mari said...

I love old country bridges too, although I'm not too thrilled when you can see through them.
I love the reminder of the bridge God built for us!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

There certainly are all kinds of bridges but as you said, God is the bridge that counts. I love country roads and seeing your pictures takes me back to the roads by my grand will always be home to me although they are long gone now.
Hope your Mothers Day is a wonderful one!

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

What a wonderful posting about bridges, your memories of growing up gathering on the banks of the creek for family reunions, and of course; Christ building a bridge of love for us to have eternal life. That is a great blog. Keep on keeping on telling the Good News about God.
Have a wonderful Mother's Day and thank you for visiting my blog.