Monday, November 8, 2010

Batteries Included

The following passage is from the book The Buzzards May Be Circling But God's Not Finished With Me Yet by Stan Toler, one of my favorite authors. And the book is just as interesting as the title! It's full of humor, practical observations, and wise advice - like this selection:
Like it or not, people around us are watching. They want to see us carry the torch, even in the rain. They want to know if there are "batteries included" in that faith of ours. They want to know if religion works when the opposition comes along.

A little boy ran to his mother, "Mom! You know the antique clock of ours that has been passed from one generation to another?"

"Yes," the mother anxiously responded. "What's wrong?"

"My generation just dropped it!"

Adversity or not, our generation cannot afford to drop the torch of faith. It must be passed along, not snuffed out by the circumstances we encounter.
I agree, don't you? Even when the fountain of youth has rusted - which is the title of the chapter!

Speak through me, speak through me;
O Lord, speak through me.
Make Your Word upon my lips a flame today.
O Lord, speak through me.
~Love Through Me
lyrics by Mosie Lister~


Mari said...

You are so right! People are watching us and we want them to see that having God makes a difference!

Karin said...

May Christ be seen in us is my heartfelt prayer. I do wish that people would look to the perfect Jesus though and not to imperfect people like me.

B. Meandering said...

So true. I enjoyed the clock story--a humorous way to drive home an all-important truth---the book sounds good.

Ginny said...

You have just about convinced me to buy this book. I record things like this for our prayer line every day and people enjoy it. Is it a lot of short things like this that I could record in under five minutes? It looks so good, I think I'll go to the book store this weekend and look for it!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Neat book --and excerpt, Glenda... It's so true..... We do need to set the example for others.. We need to keep the 'story' going from one generation to another. We need to keep our batteries charged --and remember that people ARE watching.

Southern Lady said...

I pray that when people see me, they see God working through me. When all is said and done in my life, I only hope that I pointed others to Him. Carla

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great book.

S. Etole said...

How easily the message could get dropped ...

Renee said...

Very insightful post, very true...just how do we respond as Christians during the tough times....Thanks for coming by my blog to visit...I always enjoy new visitors!! God bless you week.

Anonymous said...

I'm new to your blog but I am inspired...I've already ordered this book. Looking forward to exploring more of your posts.