Saturday, February 21, 2009

Early Morning Visitor

Just suppose that as you sit and drink your first cup of coffee early in the morning, you hear a gentle knock at your door. You go to the door and peek out, but daylight is just beginning to break, so you can’t immediately identify the person standing just outside the door. You open the door a little wider and focus your sleepy eyes more closely on the early morning visitor.

As you take a step out the door, suddenly you know – it’s Jesus!! Of course, you invite Him in and offer Him your most comfortable chair. You feel the need to make excuses for your disheveled hair and your ungroomed appearance. He says that doesn’t matter; He remembers how it felt to wake up here on earth for most of the thirty-three years He lived here. With a far away look in His eyes, He reminds you that He often had no place to lay His head, and more times than not, He went to sleep bone-tired from the day’s ministry.

Taken aback and remembering your manners, you offer Him a cup of steaming hot coffee, but He says, “No, I’m here to offer you an invitation - an invitation that can change your life and the lives of those in your corner of the world. I invite you to go on a mission trip with me today, to touch as many hurting people as possible.”

You feel so honored that Jesus chose to visit you and wants your company, so you quickly respond, “Oh, yes, Jesus, I’ll do whatever you ask!”

But then you suddenly remember your job and say, “Oh, wait, Jesus! I have to go to work today! With the economy the way it is, I can’t just take off!”

Laying His hand on your shoulder, He gently replies, “I know, my child. I know all about you, every detail of your life. I never ask more of you than you can give. But down at the office, (or the mill or the school or the bank or . . . ), there are hurting people. I’ll point them out to you. And remember, I’m going with you, so you don’t have to be afraid.”

At this point others of us would say, “Oh, yes, Jesus, you know I want to reach out to needy people, but I don’t see many people during the day. I stay at home and take care of my family. Oh, I read the Bible and I pray more than I ever did. I faithfully prepare to teach my Sunday School class on Sunday – and I sing in the choir. But I really don’t know who I could help today. Besides, I have so many problems of my own, how can I help anyone else?”

With a smile He lovingly answers, “I know all about you, too. You are where I have placed you at this point in your life. And you don’t have to ‘have it all together’ as you say. But there’s so much folks like you can do. Don’t ever stop praying and studying and teaching My Word, but what is that in your hand? I know you can bake cakes and pies - or cookies or bread. I know you can write encouraging notes or pick up the phone and call someone. You can offer the elderly lady down the road a ride to the grocery store. Not too far from here, someone is dying, spiritually that is, for someone to tell them about Me. Would you let them know that I show up on their doorsteps every morning, too? You don’t know where to start? I see the questions, even the fear, in your eyes. I’ll supply the names and the courage, and remember: "I’ll be with you. You don’t need to be afraid.”

He stands and beckons for you to come. It’s then you see the nail prints and remember why they are there. . . .

And the truth is: that is what happens at our heart’s door every morning. Do I even hear the knock? Do I recognize it’s Jesus and let Him in? Do I listen to Him? More importantly, do I obey Him?

I'll say, yes, Lord, yes, to your will and to your way . . .

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Nancy said...

What an inspiration! I need to print this and put it with my Bible to remind me each morning that Jesus wants to walk through each minute of my day with me. What a difference it would make if I could truly be aware of that fact every minute! Thanks for the reminder!