Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Note From the Father

My dear child,

When you are so weak and exhausted, remember that My strength is yours. When you seem to have reached your limit physically and emotionally, that strength will enable you to mount up with wings as eagles. When you feel yourself falling, remember that underneath you are my everlasting arms. I see every tear, even when you are careful to hide them from others. I hear every spoken and unspoken cry, every whispered prayer. Don’t forget that I love you with an everlasting love and that my faithfulness to you is renewed every morning. You are my child and I haven’t forgotten you.

Your Heavenly Father

Oh, how He loves you and me . . .


bloggin' Chrystal said...

Thanks for sharing this. I needed this today.

Glenda Thaxton said...
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Anonymous said...
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audrey said...

When I come across a blog for the first time, I like to go and read the first entry. Precious. Deep.

Oh how He loves you,
Oh how He loves me,
Oh how He loves you and me.

I'll be back.