Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Easter Lilies and Cacti

Quite a strange combination . . . quite a contrast . . . Easter lilies and cacti in the same flower bed! But it works, as you can see!

When I think of a cactus, I think dryness, heat, desert, painful pricks. On the other hand, Easter lilies remind me of new life, springtime, beauty, fragrance - the Resurrection.

Because of the Resurrection, Jesus offers newness and beauty - even in the desert places of our lives . . . those painful, dry places that seem to sap life from us in the heat of some battle. Then we realize - sometimes ever so slowly - that He is right there with us . . . and hope springs up . . . and peace begins to seep into the dryness and despair of our souls.

It works in my flower bed . . . and it works in my life! I've agonized in the "desert places," but He's never failed to show up. And in His time, He made life beautiful again!

" . . . and life is worth the living - just because He lives!"


Nancy said...

Beautiful message! Now if we can just remember this in the "dry times"!

Jackie said...

What an encouraging thought, Glenda! Thanks for posting.