Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Little Birdie Told Me . . .

I love watching birds from my kitchen window while I wash dishes! Sure makes my least favorite job more pleasant! I keep my camera close by and try to capture some of their beauty through the window. I've closely observed their behavior, and I think we can learn some valuable lessons from them.

As you can see from the photos, birds of all colors, sizes, and personalities congregate outside my window to enjoy the feed that we put out for them. And the neat thing is: they all can eat together without a big fuss! Oh, sometimes a bossy, noisy bluejay tries to upset their peaceful existence, but you know what? His antics never keep the others from coming back again and again. Um-m-m . . . what lesson can we learn? You got it, didn't you?

I think of author Reuben Welch's beautiful description of all of us - each so very different - coming to eat at God's table. In his book We Really Do Need Each Other, he says: Can you see it? Jesus is at the head of the table and the disciples around the sides. And then I see the wall open up and the table begins to lengthen - and it lengthens out and . . . it comes all the way into our world to where we are. . . believers of all the ages are gathered at the table and we are one table with the Lord. . . and so we come . . . and we are one. If the birds can do it, can't we?

How the little creatures know where to find feed is a mystery, but they do know. It's funny to watch various birds flock to the feeders as soon as I fill them and come inside. Reminds me that we as Christians know where to go when we need The Bread of Life and The Living Water. Just as the birds seem to have some kind of internal "radar," we have His Spirit that never fails to invite us: Come eat; come drink until you are satisfied.

Near our bird feeders are two bluebird boxes, and it's almost time for the bluebirds to start building their nests and making a home for their new brood. I've observed that they are so very protective of their "space," even before nesting season. Just let another bird light on one of the boxes and out of nowhere . . . one or both bluebirds zoom in, wings flapping, and scare away the unwelcome visitor! Even though they are out of view, the pair seems to constantly watch their "home." Another valuable lesson for us: We need to diligently guard our homes - and our hearts, watching for unwanted and unwelcome influences that can so easily creep in.

Finally, I think of the Scripture that says: Not one of them (sparrows) will fall to the ground apart from the will of the Father. . . so don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows." Matt. 10:29-31

"His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me . . ."


bloggin' Chrystal said...

Another lesson I needed to hear today...."I'm going to process it and apply it to my life now..."

Nancy said...

Such beautiful truths! Thanks for sharing!