Monday, October 5, 2009

A Rose Is Not Always Just a Rose

"A rose is a rose is a rose" may be a well-known quote, but it's not always true! Not when it comes to the Confederate Roses now blooming in my yard! The fluffy, delicate pink beauties are not just any rose . . . for they have a very special meaning to me. My brother Charles, who died from cancer in 2005, rooted limbs from his trees and gave them to me to plant. And so each year since then, I eagerly await the first bloom on my two trees.

Yesterday was the day for three huge blooms, the one above and two others, to push back their protective green coverings. (I know those green coverings have a name; I just can't remember my science lessons on plants!) It was a gray, rainy morning, but that didn't stop the cycle that God has put in place. Even though they didn't open completely yesterday, their unfolding blossoms brightened the sunless skies . . . and my heart. The roses would have bloomed rain or shine!

You've heard the saying, I'm sure: Bloom wherever God plants you. I believe we will be blessed . . . and encourage others . . . if we carry that thought a step farther: Bloom wherever God plants you - in the sunny times and in the dark, rainy seasons. That last part . . . the dark, rainy season part . . . is not so easy. In fact, it is a challenge that only God's abiding presence and grace can accomplish in us. Lord, help me to abide close to You because others are watching how I react in the difficult times.

One more thought: Memories of Charles came alive with the blooming of the roses, but these special flowers that remind me so much of him will soon wither and fall off the stems. But those memories I've stored in my mind's scrapbook will never die. His influence on my life will always live on!

And so will my influence live on . . . and on. That's the one thing I will leave behind. I pray that it will encourage and brighten the lives of those who follow me . . . on bright, sunny days . . . and when it's pouring rain.

"May all who come behind us find us faithful . . ."

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Anonymous said...

I loved this. Robert cut down the two Confederate Rose bushes (trees) that Charles gave me. I guess I didn't plant them in the right spot. They were covering the motion light on carport (before we had siding put on). I did love those beautiful blooms, and like you, they were special because Charles took the time to root them for us and wanted to share with us. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Love you.