Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Willow-y Beauty

This unique, old willow tree grows in the pasture behind John David's dad's house. I think it's beautiful! I know . . . beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Or maybe not!

The eyes of some "beholders" haven't been trained to look for beauty. Other "beholders" don't take time to look for beauty. It's sad but it seems that a few just don't want to see beauty.

Life is certainly richer when we can see beauty in the commonplace . . . in the unfamiliar places . . . in the obscure places . . . in the rugged places . . . in the less-than-pleasant places.

On our recent ride through the pasture, the beautiful willow tree grabbed my attention. In spite of its gnarled appearance and its unusual shape, it's a thing of beauty. And its age does nothing to diminish that beauty. The years and storms and winds and drought have just strengthened its trunk and branches, and the roots have been driven deeper into the earth.

The world would be a much kinder place if we could just look at people with those thoughts in mind. Imperfect bodies . . . age . . . outward appearance . . . have nothing to do with real beauty. Instead, real beauty comes from within. True, lasting beauty in a person has much to do with inner strength and peace . . . and deep roots . . . and growing in Christ-likeness.

In the busyness of life, I don't want to miss the beauty around me - both in nature and in people. Looking for and finding beauty is a sure cure for a negative, critical approach to living. Furthermore, those around us can see the beauty of Christ in us . . . and He will be glorified!

And that's a beautiful thing!

He hath made everything beautiful in His time . . .
Ecclesiastes 3:11


Betsy from Tennessee said...

One thing I have definitely learned from other bloggers is to look more carefully at the things around me (such as weeds, old trees, etc.)...There definitely is beauty all around us --and I have learned that!!!!!

Thanks Glenda...

God Bless.

Ginny said...

Powerful and wonderful!!! I so much agree with everything here. And I was ahead of you this time! As I was reading about finding the beauty in this old tree, I was thinking that we should apply it to people, this is such a youth oriented culture!! And we are so blessed when we look with new eyes, the eyes of a child, and can see the beauty in things that the world would not think beautiful. It can't help but make us more optimistic about this life. The Asian culture has it right because they rsspect their elders and treat them accordingly. They are not cast aside as sometimes happens in our culture.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Everything is beautiful. More and more each day I take the time to see it and feel it and breathe in the freshness of nature. I spend hours doing a lot of just that.

Jen said...

Beautiful commentary. And it's a beautiful tree. I love all your pictures. You have a gift.

Sharon Lynne said...

Thank you for this reminder to look for the beauty, not only in things...but in people.

A post well-taken.

B. Meandering said...

The tree is indeed more beautiful for all its age marks.
I agree with you about looking for beauty around us and in seeing beauty in the lines, spots, creases, and grey of people who have much more to offer because of all those lines, spots, etc.
Powerful commentary on life.
Thank you.

Southern Lady said...

The tree is indeed beautiful, and so is this post. Your words are perfectly chosen as usual. I hope you have a wonderful day! Carla

Rebecca said...

So true, so true. I am attracted to the gnarled beauty of this tree--much as to weathered wood items.

Your application is SO beautifully stated, Glenna.