Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Family Tides . . . The Ebb and Flow

Most of the time, life for us as a retired couple is fairly quiet even though we stay busy. The "ebb times" . . . slow-paced . . . routine but not boring . . . are good for the body and the soul! During those times, I can barely hear the gentle waves lapping at my feet. But I wouldn't want life to be all ebb and no flow! Even the sound of the breakers crashing on the shore can be music to the ears! Reminds me of a recent memory-making trip with our youngest GRANDson to Hot Springs. What fun we had seeing the sights and experiencing the attractions through his eyes . . . one wave after another! This past weekend the tide again picked up speed and gusto, and that, too, was a good thing!

Our special weekend began when we picked up the Virginia Thaxtons at the airport late Friday night. How exciting to see them get off the plane and hear the kids' stories of their first plane ride! Our house came alive with laughter, animated conversation, and fun times. Suddenly, the house seemed awfully small . . . but closeness is a good thing - for a while, anyway! There's nothing quite like having GRANDkids - and their parents - in the house! And, all of us were especially excited about PawPaw's 90th birthday party on Sunday.

On Sunday afternoon we gathered at PawPaw's church in that peaceful piece of woods that he's called home all these years. The beautiful country church's fellowship hall almost burst at the seams as our family and friends celebrated the life of the patriarch of our family. (I plan to write more about him later; he deserves a separate post!) The day was a perfect one for us since all ten of our immediate family members were there, a rare occasion for us. The afternnon was filled with reminiscing, picture-taking, laughter, good food, and tributes to a surprised PawPaw. It was definitely a "high tide" time!

Back here at our house, we continued to enjoy relaxed family time that passed all too quickly! Even though we tried to pack as many good times as possible into a short weekend, the tides began to recede. But I've come to accept that part of life, too. Do I like saying good-byes? No . . . a thousand times "No!" Knowing that life is made up of ebbs and flows controlled by the Master of the Tides makes it easier and bearable, though. Having the Deville Thaxtons fairly close helps, too!

Now, the waves are completely still. The house is oh-so-quiet and seems to have expanded overnight! But the cycle of our lives goes on . . . steady . . . purposeful . . . joyful . . . blessed . . . extremely blessed . . . and anticipating the next high tide!

"There's within my heart a melody; Jesus whispers sweet and low,
'Fear not I am with thee. Peace; be still - in all of life's ebb and flow' . . . "

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