Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tiny Beauties, Big Hearts

I could spend hours watching and photographing the tiny, but oh-so-beautiful hummingbird! The past two days I've done just that! Their delicate beauty and their fascinating antics never cease to amaze me. Today, I held one of the feeders in my hand as busy hummers buzzed and darted all around me! One brave little beauty warmed up to me fast, perched on the feeder that I was holding and licked out the red liquid with its long, forked tongue! If only I could have held the feeder and the camera for that close-up shot! Amazing!!

Did you know that the ruby-throated hummer like the one pictured above flies non-stop for 20 hours across the Gulf of Mexico when migrating and only after doubling its body weight? That is just one fascinating fact about these smallest of birds. And I learned a new fact about the hummer today: its heart, in proportion to its body, is the largest of any living creature and makes up about 20% of its body volume. So, not only is the little bird beautiful and intriguing, but it is also big-hearted!

Those words . . . big hearted . . . remind me of some people I know personally and some that I've only heard about. Who are they? They are the folks who give and expect nothing in return . . . those who do good deeds anonymously . . . those who aren't concerned about who gets the credit for a job well done. Big-hearted people aren't prejudiced nor judgmental . . . they genuinely care about others . . . share their blessings with others . . . go the second mile and beyond. A person with a big heart has a servant heart, a generous and forgiving spirit, and an open mind. A big-hearted person is like Jesus! And that makes him/her beautiful . . . from the inside out!

"Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me . . . "

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Nancy said...

I love this! And I know many of those big-hearted folks you described! One of them has the initials GT! Can you guess who it is? :) Hope you have a great week!!