Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Rest

It's been a good Labor Day! Nothing spectacular happened, but in a quiet, restful way, the day has been meaningful and pleasant. Since last night this line of an old hymn has been on my mind: There is a place of quiet rest - near to the heart of God. How fitting for this day set aside for rest and relaxation!

Most of the day, I've been alone, and so I've had quiet time to reflect and draw near to the heart of God. I enjoyed taking lunch to John David and his dad. (John David spent the day doing something he loves: bush-hogging on his old stomping-grounds.) The drive down to Pawpaw's and back was relaxing as I listened to Enlighten radio. The songs spoke to my heart, and I was specifically reassured that God is hearing my prayers and that He is at work even when I don't see that He is. That truth brings peace and calmness like nothing else can. On second thought, something pretty spectacular did happen today!!

Just as we need rest from jobs and the stresses of everyday life, our souls need to just "be still and know that He is God." I'm thankful for God's patience with me when I allow life to close in around me. He loves me just the same then, but as Max Lucado says: He loves me too much to let me stay that way. It's an amazing thing to know that God wants to spend time with me and that He's just waiting with an offer of peace and inner rest.

Tomorrow I will be "on the go" again. Yes, retired folks are busy, too!! However busy the day gets, I want to remain at rest in my spirit and soul. The only way I can do that is to stay near His great big, loving heart! There's plenty of room there for all of us!

"There is a place of comfort sweet - near to the heart of God. . . "


Nancy said...

Glenda, I LOVE this! "Near to the Heart of God" is one of my favorite hymns...just hearing it in my head as I read your blog brought an instant sense of peace. Isn't it neat how God inspired some folks to write songs that do that? :) Thanks for sharing!!

robert said...

Thanks for referencing Cleland McAffee's hymn, "Near to the Heart of God." It was my mother's favourite, and there is a touching story behind the writing of it. You can check it out on my daily blog Wordwise Hymns today. God bless.