Saturday, March 6, 2010

Country Road Trip

There's just something very peaceful and refreshing about riding the country roads. I'm talking about way-y-y back in the country! So far back that you can stop in the middle of the road (to take pictures, of course) and not even think about who's behind you! And on a day like today, you can roll the windows down and enjoy the cool country air.

That's what John David and I did today. After being sick and cooped up inside for much of two weeks, our three-hour excursion was just what I needed. Although the trees are still bare - except for the pines, magnolias, and holly - the tranquil woods and rolling hills and country roads are beautiful. Here are a few of the things that caught my attention.

Ducks and cranes swam and sunned in a pond alongside the road.

Not far away beavers had built a dam.

Flowers grew along a rickety fence at an old home place.

We visited the little white church where my grandpa and aunts and uncles are laid to rest in one of the most tranquil pieces of woods I've ever seen.

Bees buzzed around the sweet-smelling flowers that grew around the little church.

Moss-covered trees have graced the small churchyard for many, many years.

Country fences like this one just add character to the piece of ground they guard.

Huge pine cones grow on the majestic long leaf pines that tower over the country roads.

Sunlight streamed through the tall pines and was especially warm and inviting today.

And we saw and enjoyed it all on . . . country roads!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Glenda, Oh what a wonderful ride you had... I love that little white country church.. Beautiful!!!

We had a gorgeous day here also today. Spring IS coming. Thanks be to God!!!!

You took some fabulous pictures.

Southern Lady said...

What a wonderful drive! I love the pictures. The location of the church seemed perfect! Glad you all were able to get out for a while. God Bless! Carla

Ginny said...

What a wonderful trip! And you have shown us such a good variety from it. I love photographing paths because you never know what's waiting at the end. And my, oh my those pinecones!! The lovely old church and also the beaver dam! I feel like I've driven there myself. Oh, a bumblebee! My goal is to take a picture of one this year with my macro setting, but I'm still so afraid to get that close!

Mari said...

What a beautiful drive! I love the little church and those pinecones are the biggest I've ever seen!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do love seeing your countryside and all the signs of Spring everywhere. It takes a longer time for it to get up here in northern Ohio for sure. Still piles of snow everywhere and everything is quite frozen. Thank you for sharing!

Nancy said...

I LOVE these pictures, Glenda! I almost feel like I went on your trip with you! :) You'll have to tell me where to find those huge pinecones!!

S. Etole said...

such different sights than here ... at least for this time of year

Connie said...

So enjoyed looking at these. The "Good Hope" picture especially, gave me a "peaceful" feeling---and I really needed that. Glad y'all enjoyed your day.