Friday, March 19, 2010

Just Wildflowers

Did you notice the angle from which this photo of little wildflowers was taken?

You're right: ground level! And I was the photographer! Are you getting a mental picture? Let's just say that . . . it was not one of my most graceful moments! I don't think anyone saw me . . . in the backyard . . . on the ground . . . with my camera almost touching the grass!

These little flowers are growing wildly in our yard and are so pretty that we don't want to mow them down. Just about six to eight inches in height, they grow in clumps and are a brilliant yellow. Just wildflowers . . . but so pretty!

Wildflowers don't need pampering . . . or watering . . . or fertilizing . . . or trimming. They don't grace the shelves of flower shops or the pages of seed catalogs. Without any coaxing, they just push through winter's cold, hard soil . . . and shine!

Reminds me of some wonderful people who just do what they are supposed to do . . . no prodding . . . no pampering . . . no recognition. They're not showy and never draw attention to themselves. They just shine!

And they have no idea that they are our everyday heroes.

"Cause you know heroes come in every shape and size -
Making special sacrifices for others in their lives.
No one gives a medal; the world don't know their name,
But in someone's eye, they're heroes just the same."


Southern Lady said...

I have been known to lie on the ground for pictures too. I love wildflowers in the lawn. I can't believe that some people want to spray to get rid of them. Thank you for the wonderful comparison of wildflowers to people. You are so very right about that. I always enjoy your posts. Carla

Betsy from Tennessee said...

George and I have gotten some funny --and strange--pictures of each other while taking pictures.... We don't usually publish them ---since I know that he'll publish mine if I publish his.... ha ha

Love your little yellow wild flowers. SO pretty.

Keep shining, Glenda!!!

Dawn said...

Lovely flowers - lovely thoughts!

I don't think I'll be getting a picture like that - I'd never get back up!

Kathy said...

Ditto to Dawn's comment! I squatted down one day to take a pic of kitty and just rolled right over. I think I lost my center of gravity about 10 years ago!

Don't mow those flowers down. They're too precious. Besides, wildflowers usually don't last all that long anyway so enjoy them while you can.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your picture is beautiful How nice to have those lovely flowers right in your own back yard. If I got down to take a picture like that one I'd probably not get back up. :)

Nancy said...

Beautiful picture! And the angle it was taken from proves how young you still are! :) The thoughts are beautiful too...the first person that came to my mind was Mrs. Faye. I still miss her!! And the second person who came to mind was...YOU!! :) Love ya!!

S. Etole said...

wonderful thought and perspective ... both visually and spiritually

Ginny said...

You sound just like me!! I adore wildflowers the best, and told Phil that's what I want at my funeral! He even dug up a patch of buttercups from the yard and transplanted them in the flower bed. They don't need pampering, and know "who" and "whose" they are. Oh, my but I love your comparison to wildflowers and some people. This is my kind of post! I think I will copy the little poem, did you write it?

Becky said...

I'd love have a yard of those flowers. I wouldn't mow them either. They don't last forever so enjoy!!