Saturday, March 27, 2010

Feathering the Nest

When I'm cooking or washing dishes, I enjoy watching birds outside my kitchen window, and my camera is not too far away. Yesterday, I watched as this female bluebird "feathered" her nest. I watched as she perched on top of the rugged little house with a big white feather in her mouth. The feather, which reminded me of a tiny boa, blew in the breeze making her look regal!

Shortly, she moved down on the perch and waited.

After a minute or two, she squeezed through the small opening and carried the feather into the house.

At that moment her mate showed up . . . to check things out . . . to give his approval . . . to supervise . . . or just to be there . . . I don't know!

Whatever his part in the process, he didn't stay long, and the female emerged and flew away, too.
One down . . . and how many more to go, I wonder?

That was yesterday. Today my blogger friend Bev wrote so eloquently about memories made in her present home and about moving soon to her new home. She ended her post by looking ahead to "feathering her new nest," and that inspired me to think about my own "nest" that I've called home for the past 35 years.

I find it difficult to adequately express my feelings about our home. Modest in appearance and furnishings, our "nest" is a place of shelter, comfort, security, rest . . . a place where so much of our living takes place. And it's "feathered" with so many priceless, endearing and enduring things:
The love and care of our Heavenly Father . . . and our faith in Him

The love and respect of family . . . both immediate and extended

Memories . . . oh, the memories that no one can take away . . . especially those of the days when our two wonderful sons were growing up here. In more recent years, we've made precious memories with them, their wives and children. Grandchildren have brought new energy and many opportunities to make happy memories.

Enough "stuff" - which God has blessed us with - to be very comfortable (too comfortable, maybe)

As much as I love my home, I know that I should never get too attached to it. It's not my final home! One day I'll move into my eternal home . . . one that God is preparing now!

And I'll have eternity to check out all the priceless, endearing, and enduring things He has "feathered" it with!

There's a roof up above me; I've a good place to sleep.
There's food on my table and shoes on my feet.
You gave me Your love, Lord, and a fine family.
Thank you, Lord, for Your blessings on me.


Ginny said...

Well, what amazing pictures of the bluebirds actually making their nest!! And a bluebird boa, as well!! I don't think anyone could top this! This world is not my home, I'm only passing through. If Heaven's not my home, Oh lord what would I do. The angels beckon me to Heaven's open door. And I can't feel at home in this world anymore.

WhiteStone said...

I love the bird photos. Our feeder is far from the deck...hubby doesn't like bird poop!

And yes, our heavenly home will be so exciting to see...I wonder what good things will keep us busy!

Southern Lady said...

What beautiful bluebird pictures! You just have a knack for getting great bird pictures. Your thoughts on home are exactly right. I feel that God's blessings on my home are what make it such a special place. I can't begin to imagine what my heavenly home will be like. Thank you for the sweet reminder of what we have to look forward to one day. Carla

Nancy said...

I love the pictures AND the thoughts, Glenda! Beautiful, as usual!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Another great post, Glenda. Love your bluebirds... You'll have to watch them take all kinds of stuff in there to make a nest.... (I hope!)

We have a modest home. We downsized when we bought this house --but it is perfect for us. I truly wouldn't want anything bigger or 'better'.... Home is all about who lives in it and makes memories there...

Have a wonderful Palm Sunday.

Dawn said...

I love this - and have always thought it was be interesting if we could see inside those little holes to see what it looks like in their houses!

The hummingbirds are amazing - we don't have any in our yard, but we went to the mountains for an outing last year with a couple who spends some time up there with their camper - I got some fabulous pictures of them flitting around the nectar. Such fun.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love the pictures you were able to capture. It's true we do feather our nests. All the memories made in a home make it difficult to leave. We all know life doesn't last forever and many are uprooted and moves are made. But the memories are always with us

S. Etole said...

Great bluebird photos ... I rarely see any around here and they are so pretty ...

Sharon Lynne said...

It's nice to focus on blessings.

I'm glad you have a comfortable, loving home, with many good memories!

I like the idea of "feathering" our nests with the things you God's love and our faith.

Kathy said...

What a sweet little series of photographs of the bluebirds!

Becky said...

What is that old saying, "Home is where the heart is?" I think that is true, but it is always hard to leave someplace where many memories were made.

Our heavenly home will have no regrets, nothing we miss.

I LOVE your photos of the birds. I hope they raise a nest of noisy youngins for you to watch. What fun!

Sarah Knight said...

Those are amazing pictures!
We have eastern bluebirds that nest in our box, but they're quite camera shy.