Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Splashes of Color


Peach blossoms

Eastern bluebird

Spring splashes of color are appearing everywhere! And if you read my blog, you know by now that I love it :-)! So many beautiful shades and hues and brilliant colors . . . it's impossible to say which is my favorite.

I'm thankful that God splashes color in our daily lives - no matter the season. Here are just a few of my favorite "splashes" - other than birds, blooms, and nature:
Visits from our two sons and daughters-in-law and GRANDchildren
A good book that I can hardly put down
Calls from grandchildren
A warm hug from someone special
Family get-togethers with good food, conversation, and fun
A drive down country roads with John David
Children's laughter
Good music
Learning something new (even if that's harder these days!)
An unexpected, encouraging call or card in the mail
A child holding out a bouquet of wildflowers
Visiting some place I've never been
Meeting new friends - and that includes blogging friends
Satisfaction that comes from doing a good deed for someone
A Bible verse that comes to mind just when I need it
Meaningful worship
Inner assurance that all is well between God and me

And my list could go on and on . . . These things and many more make life pleasant, interesting, and full of warmth and love. Just what God planned for me long before my life began. He "gave His only begotten Son" that I "might have Life and have it more abundantly"!

Or to put it another way . . . in full, living color!

"Open my eyes so I can see
The wonderful thing that You do.
Open my heart up more and more,
And make me wholly devoted to You!"
~Terry Butler~


Betsy from Tennessee said...

I could name a billion special "Splashes of Color" in my life, Glenda.... We are fortunate to live where we do ---and enjoy life.

I can't wait 'til we get some flowers blooming up here. It's just been too cool recently---and cloudy!!!! The Crocuses just won't open up yet... (I don't blame them since it is so darn cold!)

Love your Goldfinch and Bluebird... Great pictures.

Southern Lady said...

Love your pictures as well as your list of "splashes of color." Hope you have a wonderful evening! Carla

Ginny said...

Thanks for the beautiful splashes of color to start my day! I'm a birdwatcher, so love the birds. And the jonquils and peach blossom are extradonary! I never would have known what the peach blossom was, but how lovely! I totally agree with all the things on your list! A drive in the country...doing a good deed...etc. I continue to enjoy your blog so much!

S. Etole said...

Thanks for the color you bring to our lives ... the peach blossom is especially pretty.

Kathy said...

Great picture of the peach blossoms! Aren't fruit blossoms just the prettiest you've ever seen?

Glenda said...

Thanks to all of you! The peach blossoms are extra pretty this year, it seems! Fruit trees do have such delicate, beautiful blooms.