Thursday, July 15, 2010


Bubbles are fun . . . for kids of all ages!

Who hasn't enjoyed blowing bubbles in the breeze and watching them glide through the air? How about relaxing in a tub brimming with bubbles at the end of a tiring day? I'm even old enough to remember the signature bubbles on The Lawrence Welk Show! OK. . . many of you are, too!

Recently, two of our grandchildren enjoyed getting inside huge bubbles and moving across a pool. It looked like such fun!

I would guess that all of us have had days when we would have loved to crawl into a bubble and drift in oblivion to cares and pressing circumstances. Inside our own little bubble, we could control who comes in . . . and we'd be isolated from annoyances and interruptions . . . and we'd not be contaminated by all the bad in today's world. It would be a cozy, comfortable place with all our "stuff" carefully placed around us. All would be quiet and peaceful, and we'd not be pulled in a hundred different directions.

But Abby said it was awfully noisy inside her bubble. Her own laughter and voice echoed so loudly, she said. Hmmm. . . . made me remember that inside my own little bubble, it's pretty much about me . . . my thoughts . . . my wishes . . . my feelings . . . and that can get pretty loud at times. That's really all I can hear.

Maybe According to Scripture, choosing a "bubble life" - even if there's room for other Christians - is not what God plans for us. It's OK to huddle with other Christians for encouragement and growing, but huddling is only a part of the game of life. As in the game of football, huddling is necessary, but the plays happen out on the field often amidst fierce opposition. Not one player can afford to operate in his own little bubble.

For sure, we need time to ourselves and we need our own space. But we can't camp out in a bubble! Not if we follow the example of Jesus . . . and that is our goal, isn't it? His was a life of service and compassion and unconditional love for others . . . with eyes and ears wide open to the needs around Him. The following quote from a recent Living Missions lesson at church spoke to me:
Christ lived an intentional life here on earth . . . where He
purposefully chose to see and know those around Him. He ate
in their homes. He talked with them along the road.
He taught them from the hillside.

Those words don't describe a life lived in a bubble, do they? Instead, He calls us to reflect His Light . . . to be the "salt of the earth" . . . to be His image-bearers . . . to make disciples in all the nations. I pray that the next time I'm tempted to crawl into a bubble, He'll remind me of these truths.
Love through me; love through me;
O Lord, love through me.
Somewhere somebody needs Your love today.
O Lord, love through me.
~Mosie Lister~


Jesson And Rey Ann said...

i try that once. nice water game!

Jesson And Rey Ann said...

try to become a kid one more time!

Ginny said...

I love this post, it's so wild!! Those big bubbles, I'm thinking there's no way you could keep your balance in there, you'd just have to go with the rolling! A little ways into reading your text, I saw what you were getting at, and I totally agree. This is one thing I wonder about with nuns in convents, and with the Amish, who are maybe set apart a bit much? What do you think? Jesus certainly did not stay in a convent, though I'm not criticizing Catholics, the nuns are wonderful and have done many good works and put their lives on the line. It's a fine line to be IN the world but not OF it!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Glenda, I have never seen that before.... Mercy -Mercy---times are changing, and more and more things like these bubbles are available to entertain kids..... Wonder how they get the air in those bubbles???? Kids would love it---but not me... ha

YES---God would not want us to stay in our bubbles... It's kinda like stepping out of your box--and doing some things which you should do that may be a little uncomfortable. Example: visiting the sick or the elderly --and talking to them about God... We NEED to do those things...

Cute post, Glenda. Thank You..

Karin said...

Those bubbles look like a lot of fun for the young ones! It looks safe enough to try once - but I'd rather be in the water swimming, lol!!

Your post reminded me of children with immune deficiency who have no choice but to live in a bubble lest they catch germs that could kill them. They live in there because they are sick. I agree with you that we do need our own space at times, but we sure can't camp out in a bubble, as you say. I'm sure this game was only fun for a little while and then the kids wanted out of there.

Southern Lady said...

Those bubbles look fun, however, I have to be careful of crawling into my own bubble sometimes. Carla

Mari said...

Good thoughts on being in a bubble!
I recently saw a picture of those bubbles on a lake. They are so cool! How do they work? It seems they would have to be completely sealed, but then you would run out of O2. They sure look like fun!

Glenda said...

The bubble was deflated and unzipped. The child got in, the bubble was zipped and then air was blown in. There's enough air for the few minutes they're inside. Abby and Isaac loved it even though it was very difficult to stand up!

B. Meandering said...

At least two of my grandkids would love those bubbles--the two other are more timid.
This post really spoke to me. I've been living in a bubble in a sense for 4 years and that bubble is about to be burst. Aug. 20th my husband moves back to our childhood hometown--his job in Cinci will be officially over. I will be sharing this tiny home with another person as we look for another (we will rent this one). I'm looking forward to seeing him regularly, but must admit that the prospect of living daily outside the bubble of this solitary existence in this house--well it's a bit daunting.
Thank you for the comment on my blog---that ministered to me also.

One more thing: Lawrence Welk was the one TV show we watched faithfully as a family when I was growing up. Sat. night was the only night we got to have pop (cola or soda in other regions of this country)and it was during the show. We also had popcorn that my Dad popped the old-fashioned way. Good memories--I liked those bubbles. :)

Nancy said...

I LOVE these pictures!! When I first saw them on facebook, I thought you had just done some creative photography...then realized that the kids really were in bubbles! :) But even more than the pictures, I love the always, you gave me a lot to think about with just a few words! Thanks again for allowing God to use you and your wonderful talents!!

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

Your posting was such a blessing to me. Yes, we cannot live in a bubble. As Christ gave the example, we need to encourage others, have fellowship with other Christians. I really enjoy visiting your blog.
Yes, that story, "Lend a Hand," was about my mother and she wrote it. Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a blessed weekend.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

No we certainly shouldn't live in a bubble. Sometimes I feel like I have my own bubble being by myself so much but I do love it when I'm with others and love it when I can help out too. After years of living only for others, it seems strange that now more and more of my time is alone.

Karen said...

Lovely thoughts and what fun photos. This looks like such a blast!

Sharon Lynne said...

Such great insights. Thanks for the reminder to continue reaching out, no matter what our circumstances.

I liked the football huddle analogy.