Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tugboats and Barges

(Lake Ponchartrain, S Louisiana)

Sometimes I need a good firm push!

Thankfully, our creative Heavenly Father knows exactly how to provide
a boost that fits my needs perfectly. Many times He uses the prayers, words,
and kind gestures of family and friends.

Sometimes He asks me to give someone else a push in the right direction.
The waters are filled with people who seem unable to maneuver
themselves in the waters of life.

I guess you could say that some days I'm the barge . . . and at other times
I'm the tugboat!

Either way, both move steadily through the waters together
and reach their destination.

We really do need each other!

Friends are a gift from above
Friends are devoted and true
Then when the goin' gets tough
They're lovin', carin' and prayin' for you

Friends . . . love one another
Friends, sisters and brothers
Friends. . . all in the family of God
~John Wierick~


Ginny said...

What a great analogy and a a beautiful, colorful picture. And I do love that header. I was the tugboat yesterday, I'm the barge today.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great post, Glenda... I used to love watching the tiny tugboats push the big barges --when I lived in Jacksonville.

We all need a little push at times, don't we???? God can help!

Southern Lady said...

How true! I am thankful for your friendship! Carla

Becky said...

I so agree. Tugboat and barge. Great comparison.

Sharon Lynne said...

So true.
And we need to be humble enough to accept the help--the push--from others.

And when we don't need a push...and we get pushed from another...we need to know that their intent was good and be gracious toward them.

(Sorry--do I sound like I'm preaching?) A family member just called and gave me a push.

I'm thankful for my friends and family!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We really do need each other. The more time I spend alone the more I realize just how much companionship and relationships are our true treasures. Often those pushes are what gets us through some really tough times.