Monday, February 22, 2010

Caused Any Ripples Lately?

I watched as our grandson tossed rocks into the water on a beautiful day last week. One small splash soon became a distinct circle in the blue water . . . then another . . . and another until the effects of that small stone extended far across the pond. And I thought of the ripple effect of our lives.

A life of service to God and others has a ripple effect . . . even when our sphere of influence may seem so small. Our prayers and efforts to reach out to others are used by God in an ever-expanding way. One small act of kindness, a simple prayer, an encouraging word, a shared Scripture or praise can touch a life in far-reaching ways, and that life touches another . . . and the circle widens and God works. We may never know the extent of our influence this side of heaven, but Ecclesiastes 11:1 encourages us to "cast our bread upon the waters."

Just think what happens when we join our hearts and hands with other Christians . . . in prayer . . . in giving . . . in loving unconditionally! Just think what God can do with that kind of ripple effect!

"Cast thy bread upon the water,
Christ will watch the rolling wave,
As it ripples slowly onward,
To the soul He seeks to save."
~Barney E. Warren~


Nancy said...

That's some good stuff, Glenda!! So encouraging!! Thank you for being faithful to use the beautiful gifts God has given to you...both the gift of words and the gift of photography!

S. Etole said...

what beautiful photos and thoughts ... appreciate your visits and comments as well

Dawn said...

What fun to have a new visitor! I am always curious how people find me. In looking at your blog list, I see a couple of my faithful friends - Robin and Becky. And Dooleys in Papua New Guinea - that was a surprise - we had them at our church last Sunday night. We love them!

You have a lovely blog - wonderful pictures, good thoughts. I hope this is only the beginning of a new cyber friendship. It has been such fun these last almost 5 years.

Let me know how you arrived here and please come again!