Thursday, February 25, 2010

You Come Too! - Part I

The Pasture
By Robert Frost

I'm going out to clean the pasture spring;

I'll only stop to rake the leaves away

(And wait to watch the water clear, I may).

I shan't be gone long. -- You come too.

I'm going out to fetch the little calf

That's standing by the mother. It's so young,

It totters when she licks it with her tongue.

I shan't be gone long. -- You come too.

Love this simple, but full-of-meaning poem! It speaks of companionship and sharing the simple pleasures of life with someone we love. Even everyday tasks and sometimes-mundane chores can be opportunities to "seize the moment" and enjoy God's creations - together. Making memories doesn't take a lot of time . . . or money . . . or elaborate planning. All it takes is an invitation: You come too.

I think Jesus, who desires a close relationship with us, says to us, "Come with Me; follow Me. There's much to be done. I'll be ministering to a hurting world, and I don't have long. You come too!"

And He is pleased when we, with our words and our lives, say to someone else, "You come too!" Makes the trip even sweeter!

"Going together, enjoying the trip,
getting used to the family we'll spend eternity with . . . "
~Bill & Gloria Gaither~


S. Etole said...

this was a good reminder and welcoming invitation ...

Nancy said...

What BEAUTIFUL thoughts!! I've always loved Robert Frost, but your take on this poem makes it even better than it was originally. I love the reminder that Jesus really does enjoy our company...and the reminder that He has so many things that He wants to do through us. I am going to have to print this one out. It has touched me THAT much!! Thanks again for being His vessel of honor!

Southern Lady said...

Robert Frost is one of my favorite poets. I love how you related it to our relationship with Jesus! Hope you don't mind if I follow your blog.

Glenda said...

Southern Lady, thanks for visiting - and I'd love for you to follow my posts! I don't have a followers listed, but come by often. I'm adding you to my blog list and look forward to your country diary.

Carmen said...

Very well put! Loved this post! Such a gentle, welcoming reminder that He wants us to be with Him through it all!