Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Cold, gray, drizzling . . . words that fit the morning. Until this beautiful cardinal lit right outside my window. Suddenly my view changed . . . brilliant color arrived . . . winged cheer lit in the dead, brown grass! What a contrast his presence made on a dreary, winter morning!

Contrasts are a part of life: day and night . . . light and dark . . . good and evil . . . ups and downs . . . winter and summer . . . ins and outs . . . good times and bad times.

But I can't think of a greater difference than the contrast of our lives before and after we allow Jesus to take control. What a difference His presence makes! Think about it:
a stony heart a pliable heart
despair hope
fear peace
focus on self service to others
indifference compassion
bondage freedom
death LIFE

"I can't explain it,
and I cannot tell you why.
But, oh, what a difference since Jesus passed by."
~Bill Gaither~


S. Etole said...

what a cheerful sight ... and isn't the exchange when you know the Lord wonderful?!

Nancy said...

AMEN!!! Beautiful!! I hope you're feeling better! I've missed you!

Dawn said...

Beautiful post - we don't seem to have any such bright and cheerful birds around here!