Sunday, December 26, 2010

Whatcha' aiming for?

More of You, more of You;
I've had it all but what I need -
just more of You.
Of things I've had my fill,
And yet I hunger still.
Empty and bare, Lord, hear my prayer
for more of You.
~More of You
by Gloria Gaither~


Anonymous said...

I admire Bill and Gloria Gaither so much.

Hope you enjoy your day.

Southern Lady said...

More of Him, indeed. That is all I want in the coming year. Carla

Anonymous said...

A great wish for the New Year.

B. Meandering said...

What could be better than more of Him?!
I like the way you introduced it --the question and the picture---quite witty!:)

Ginny said...

I think you've hit the bullseye with this one!! Hope you had a great Christmas!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Glenda, Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas. We did except for the fact that my sons didn't get to visit--due to the snow... BUT--it was nice to have a White Christmas, which is RARE for us.

I am aiming for a HEALTHY 2011.... I need to always think about healthy eating, exercise, getting enough sleep, etc.... Thanks be to God for my good health --so far!!!!


Dorothy said...

We ALL need to strive to be more like Jesus!

S. Etole said...

What a great way to illustrate that thought.

Dawn said...

One of my favorite Gaither songs ever. I think they wrote it when my brother was working with them and I remember the first time I heard it and how it affected me.